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Yummy quince jelly

Who doesn't want to save the sun and the sweet taste of summer fruits for those long winter evenings? We like to capture those sunny tastes in our homemade jams and jellies.

In that respect: what could be better than quinces?

They had time to absorb the sunlight throughout the summer and develop that very typical sweet and fragrant scent. This year the harvest was immense.

To extract the juice, we dice them and cook them in a little water to soften the hard flesh. We use the extracted juice as the basis for the jelly.

What a delight on a piece of fresh bread!

This year we made jams of apricots, wild Mirabelle plums, Reine-Claude plums, white figs, quinces and soon also apples.

Aren’t you looking forward to those mouth-watering breakfasts at L’Annicha?

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