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At L’Annicha we offer several sleeping and staying options depending on your needs and desires.


If you value privacy and independence, there are two apartments with their own living space and kitchen - the Gîte and the Loft.

If on the contrary you prefer to be pampered with breakfast while enjoying the historic Quercynoise house, we offer several bed-and-breakfast rooms: Flavo, Biru, Marmara and Naranja.

Full continental breakfast for two is included in the bed-and-breakfast rooms.

Guests in the apartments may order this separately.

Upon request table d’hôtes is also offered (dinner with the host, consisting of starter, main dish and dessert, as well as a glass of wine).


The self-catered apartments:

L'Annicha Le Loft Overview.jpg

The Loft

The Loft

(up to 2 persons, 64m2)

This former painter’s workshop has been fully renovated into a cosy loft. 

All amenities are new, bringing modern touches to the vintage style provided by the wooden floor in the bedroom and local travertine stone floor in the shower and the rest of the apartment. Living-dining and bedroom are separated by a passage created by the bathroom, which gives the 64m2 a more spacious feeling.

The highlight is the grand window which provides a breath-taking view on the neighbouring countryside and wildlife. It is through this window that the sun will gently wake you up after a refreshing sleep in the king size bed. We have set up a modern kitchen with all appliances, but we have maintained the cast iron stove which provides a cosy warm atmosphere in winter.

Weather permitting, we will open up the terrace in front of the private entrance which allows a full enjoyment of the outdoors. The parking lot is just next to it.

Allow the Loft to seduce you with its charm.


The Gîte

The Gîte

(up to 5 persons, 98m2)

Enjoy a country lifestyle and spend some intimate time with friends and/or family at the Gîte.

Built in the former barn, it has maintained the rural feel. The private covered terrace (47m2) comes furnished. A garden is yours to enjoy and a spectacular sunset completes the outdoor experience. For your convenience there is a private carpark next to the gîte.

The open-plan fully equipped kitchen (incl. dishwasher and washing machine) provides a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside, which is an invitation for relaxing walks.

The large living - dining room comes with leather lounge, television and pellet stove to keep cold evenings away. A place to plan your next escapade - if you must.

Upstairs the double bedroom (19m2) overlooks the terrace, while the bedroom next door has three single beds (17m2) with splendid views of the flower garden. The bathroom and the second toilet are also on this floor. Electric heating is available in all rooms.

The whole Gîte was repainted in summer 2020.

BnB rooms

The bed-and-breakfast rooms:

The main house hosts the bed-and-breakfast rooms, as well as the common parts: the main living room and dining/breakfast room. We have maintained the stone walls on the ground floor, which provides a beautiful cachet. The terrace is open for all to share and offers the opportunity to hang out and enjoy the view of the garden and the swimming pool.

Biru room

Biru Room

The Biru room

(up to 2 people, 30m2)

Biru means blue in Malay. Seeing the pictures, you would wonder “Why blue?”. Well, when we arrived the room had blue curtains and a blue bed cover, which combined with the grey walls made it call out for light. We changed the furniture, curtains, wall colour and decoration, but we still call it the blue room…

It is - like all our rooms - very spacious (24m2) and has an ensuite bathroom (6m2). It is fitted with a very comfortable king size bed. This room provides the residents an Indian subcontinent feeling due to its Indian decoration details and bamboo furniture.

Being oriented to the South, it is very bright, showering the room with light in the morning. A view on the surrounding countryside, terrace, garden and pool, entices one to go out, enjoy breakfast on the terrace, take a dive and discover the neighbourhood. On some occasions the Biru room offers a view of the Pyrenees.

IMG_5636 HQ.jpg

Flavo Room

The Flavo room

(up to 2 people, 30m2)


Flavo is our preferred couple’s room. The same size as our other rooms (24m2), it is fitted with a king size bed, and has space for a seating corner. 

Pieces from Myanmar and Thailand accentuate the atmosphere with soft yellow and orange hues of monks and stupas. It is oriented to the West, offering splendid colours during sunset, as well as a view over the flower garden.

The big ensuite shower room (6m2) offers a view of the countryside with the churches of St Nazaire and Montfermier.

1 Marmara overview 1

Marmara Room


The Marmara Room
(up to 2 people, 30m2)

The Marmara room is without a doubt the most unique room we have at L’Annicha. The specialty comes from the paintings on the wall. It gives an illusion of marble walls with roman columns. The room has maintained the original decoration from one of the previous owners, who is a painter. We have been told his specialty was “trompe l’oeil”, paintings which give the optical illusion of, for example, in this case, marble. The whole house was once decorated like this.

Although it is as big as our other rooms, it is set up to look more impressive. It has two built-in cupboards, on both sides of the king size bed. This makes it ideal for couples who stay for a longer period of time. A corner has a canape Louis XV with matching armchairs - a mini-suite which allows for private quiet times for reading or listening to music. Like all our rooms it has an ensuite bathroom.

It is oriented to the East, which means it is the brightest room in the morning and offers a nice view of the hills direction Montalzat, as well as a view on the garden and the terrace.