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The Marmara room

Here it is: our third room.

The Marmara room is without a doubt the most unique room we have at L’Annicha. The specialty comes from the paintings on the wall. It gives an illusion of marble walls with roman columns. The room has maintained the original decoration from one of the previous owners, who is a painter. We have been told his specialty was “trompe l’oeil”, paintings which give the optical illusion of, for example, in this case, marble. The whole house was once decorated like this.

Although it is as big as our other rooms, it is set up to look more impressive. It has two built-in cupboards, on both sides of the king size bed. This makes it ideal for couples who stay for a longer period of time. A corner has a canape Louis XV with matching armchairs - a mini-suite which allows for private quiet times for reading or listening to music. Like all our rooms it has an ensuite bathroom.

It is oriented to the East, which means it is the brightest room in the morning and offers a nice view of the hills direction Montalzat, as well as a view on the garden and the terrace.

Continental breakfast for two is included in our rate.

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