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Surprising paragliding opportunities

As a former paraglider, I am still excited when I see canopies in the air. Among my friends some people are still passionate and practising this sport.

One of those friends tried it on our property. He experimented with his wing and succeeded some short take-offs on our school slope. My heart was beating in excitement, just from seeing him lift off.

Additionally, there are a number of paragliding sites nearby:

Several can be found around Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, in the Aveyron gorges, and towards Cordes-sur-Ciel. The one at Saint-Antonin has 4 take-offs, spread around the same landing. It gives every chance of being able to take off, even when the wind changes direction.

A little further, north-east and north-west of Cahors, on the cliffs of the Lot, there are 4 sites downstream (CastelFranc, Douelle, Parnac and Luzech) and upstream (La Plogne, Montblond, La Mounine and Dreuilh).

I attach an overview of paragliding.map, but you can also get information on the FFVL website (carte.ffvl.fr).

It is therefore perfectly possible to organize a training camp from our domain: you practice on our school slope and when you (and your group) are ready, you can go on site only 30-40 minutes away. Depending on the weather conditions you can choose your site. And in the evening, back from a day of paragliding, you can enjoy the swimming pool and a delicious table d'hôte.

Good winds!

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