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Ox-picious New Year 2021 !

This time of year, in most of Asia (and definitely in China and Singapore), the Lunar New Year (also called Chinese New Year) is being celebrated.

Unfortunately, here it is all very quiet these days, as per the curfew here in France. The fire crackers are missing. So are the house-to-house visits of relatives, neighbours and friends, where one not only share the joy of giving or collecting “ang pows” (or red packets) but also savouring cookies, bakwas, sweets and much more. Also, the evening before reunion dinners and the family or company Louheis are part of the festivities!

Let’s not forget all these – the noise, the flavours in these crazy COVID times. And most of all, the company of our dear ones.

Once we can reopen our guest dinners, you could ask and convince Tracy to prepare bakwa or achar. Maybe she would even prepare some of her secret recipes…

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