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At L’Annicha we offer regularly an Asian menu. We spent some time looking for the right ingredients in order to be as authentic as possible. Luckily, we found a good Asian supermarket in Montauban which provides us the basic supplies.

Seafood or chicken curry is one of our favourite dishes, and if there is a special request, we will also serve vegetarian curry with some excellent tofu. Spicy fried noodles with king prawns is another of our specialties. Or the “simple” but very tasty fried rice – not to be compared with the frozen or prepared version found in supermarkets!!!

Very typical for Singapore, Malaysia and China is bakwa: marinated minced meat, grilled twice. The marinate gives it a sweet and salty accent, combined with the umami taste of the meat and the earthy notes of the grilling, it is a must-have snack. I prefer the spicy version, but we also offer the version with less chilli. Maybe it is the red colour which symbolises good fortune, bakwa is an essential offering during Chinese New Year. Here at L’Annicha, it is a “good luck” snack that’s on the menu all year round!

Another good starter is achar: a mix of veggies (typically cucumber and carrots) and fruits (mostly pineapple) pickled in an aromatic chili and curcuma sauce topped with sesame seeds. It is served with roasted peanuts to give it a delicious crunchy taste.

And what would you think of a spongy chiffon cake as dessert? We serve three versions: lemon, orange-cardamom or pandan (an aromatic herb from South-East Asia).

We were wondering: which Asian plate is your preferred one?

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