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Biru room

We are excited to announce the opening of our second room to the public: the Biru room.

Biru means blue in Malay. Seeing the pictures, you would wonder “Why blue?”. Well, when we arrived the room had blue curtains and a blue bed cover, which combined with the grey walls made it call out for light. We changed the furniture, curtains, wall colour and decoration, but we still call it the blue room…

It is - like all our rooms - very spacious and has an ensuite bathroom. The particularity of this room, is that it provides the resident a bit of an Indian subcontinent feeling due to its Indian decoration details, and the bamboo furniture.

Being oriented to the South, it is very bright: when you wake up you will be showered with light. A look onto the surrounding countryside, terrace, garden and pool, and you will be willing to get out there, enjoy breakfast on the terrace, take a dive and discover the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, we cannot show you a picture of the pool yet, as it is still being finalised. Stay tuned for stunning pictures end of May.

Same goes for another room. It is currently being renovated, but if you are considering staying at L’Annicha, please contact us as we have several options, not yet announced to the public.

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